QuickBuild clean up

QuickBuild - commercial version of Luntbuild, web tool for build automation and management by PMEase, was introduced in out multi platform Windows & Linux environment less then a year ago and frees up a lot of time to take care of other things, but the proper care still needed even for great application as QuickBuild. Over the course of last year, our applications were migrated from Microsoft Visual SourceSafe to CollabNet's open source Subversion. Unfortunately during migration QuickBuild's configurations like references to VSS repositories were not updates in the same time, and as result several application were deployed directly from SVN trunk, not from specified tag. One more problem several ASP based application had own setting for SVN repositories, instead of using global settings, so I basically replaced around a few dozens of local ones with one global in that way reducing maintenance time. It is not over yet, I'm looking at build.xml file used for ASP application deployments and it is completely out of sync, for example exclude.list setting (defines files to exclude from the build process) specified in QuickBuild has no corresponding entry in build.xml .

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