Installing ANT on Windows XP

I found the following quick instruction for installing ANT 1.7.0 on Windows XP.

  • Download ANT 1.7.0 from Apache ANT
  • Unzip the zip file and put it in some folder (for example c:\ant)
  • Set ANT_HOME environment variable to the Ant location
  • (MyComputer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables -> User Variables for Administrator -> Set New Variable Name as "ANT_HOME" and set New Variable Value as C:\ant)
  • Now set Path variable to point to your ANT bin directory (User Variables for Administrator -> Click on Path variable -> Append the ANT bin directory location, say %ANT_HOME%\bin)
  • Open a command prompt and type "ant", you should see ANT is working now. In case of any problem try the command to print value of ANT_HOME - echo %ANT_HOME% and see the value for ANT_HOME

I see the big problem here. Let’s say next year a new version of ANT 1.7.1 will be released with great improvement or weird bug fixes. What is the owner of manual above is going to do? I think the manual’s writer will just upgrade content of c:/ant/ folder with a new version, but what if new ANT 1.7.1 version will be not compatible with already existing ANT script, but in the same time you want to try a new version and migrate your script from ANT 1.7.0 to let's say ANT 1.8.0. In my case I still use ANT 1.6.5 for a few scripts, but would like to use ANT 1.7.0 for new ones.

I posted my solution for installing ANT 1.7.0 on Windows XP below:

  • Download ANT 1.7.0 from Apache ANT
  • Unzip the zip file and put it in the version specific folder (for example F:\apps\apache-ant-1.7.0)
  • Create batch file setant170.bat with the following content in your usual working folder
@echo off
set ANT_HOME=F:\apps\apache-ant-1.7.0\
set PATH=%PATH%;%ANT_HOME%\bin
  • Open a command prompt, navigate to working folder and run setant170.bat
  • To verify installation run ANT in command promty and you should see Buildfile: build.xml does not exist!
    Build failed

Of course as soon as you close the command prompt window you will lose the ANT_HOME value, but is still very convenient, because now you can jump between different versions on ANT without problems. You just need to install a new ANT release and create one more batch file.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for detailed instructions

Anonymous said...

its very useful information regarding installation of ant build tool on window XP.

Anonymous said...

it's not work for ant 1.7.1

Anonymous said...

kindly update instruction for ANT 1.8.1 and Windows 7

Anonymous said...

works like a charm