Automated post outage testing

Which tool is best suited for automated post outage testing? Right now I'm checking a few tools: SilkTest 2006, Selenium and Canoo WebTest to help with post outage verification. The goal is to automate post outage functional testing executed after a significant outage to ensure our web applications have returned to their normal state and are ready to use by client.

Borland SilkTest is powerful, functional and regression test automation tool. SilkTest has nice GUI record-and-play capabilities, own testing language, and quite costly, but we already have SilkTest license and a few experienced QA Engineers, so why don't we use Silk Test on full throttle.

Selenium and Canoo WebTest are both open source tools that existed for a few years. The former uses injected JavaScript to work within browser; the latter is based on HtmlUnit the underlying browser implementation.

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