Doxygen vs JavaDoc

In order to cultivate good habit of commenting code well I experimented with Doxygen to generate documentation for our J2EE projects. In my opinion Doxygen is a little bit more difficult to learn than Javadoc, but also more robust and flexible. For example, Doxygen goes further than Javadoc: as well as documenting the classes, it also can produce a mixture of diagrams, such as class diagrams, collaboration diagrams, and even dependency graphs using visualization Graphviz tool. Today I tried only the graphical frontend of Doxygen, which is called Doxywizard and found it very useful for learning how to use Doxygen in our environment. I think it should be an uncomplicated task to use Doxygen with Ant. I already noticed an Ant plugin for Doxygen, and will try to use this tool from LuntBuild/QuickBuild environment.

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