QuickBuild and PMD

My team started using PMD as tool for preemptive defect detection and enforcing coding standards. Quickbuild and PMD set up was easy, I just copied four jar files asm-3.1.jar, jaxen-1.1.1.jar, junit-4.4.jar, pmd-4.2.2.jar from pmd-4.2.2\lib folder to ANT 1.7.0 lib folder on QuickBuild server and slightly modified Ant example described in PMD manual. As I wanted I turned on only most obvious rule set 'Java Logging Rules' for our Java projects and deliver to developers as HTML report. The following poor logging practices were detected with PMD almost immediately: using System.out or System.err rather than a dedicated logging facility, printStackTrace() method should not be used, because its output goes to the standard error device System.err rather than the log file managed by log4j and logger variable declaration does not contain the static and final modifiers.

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