Upgrading Jira Subversion plugin

It is time to upgrade Jira Subversion Plugin. The plugin version we have installed right now have an issue when the web link format could not be changed. Developers are not able to link (correctly) from within JIRA to SVN repository changed code if they want to do a review of changes. This bug was fixed a few weeks ago and I plan to upgrade Jira Subversion Plugin to the recent 0.10.3 version. This upgrade is not a big deal, but as all upgrades it requires detailed documentation and as usual I will proceed first with this upgrade on our QA environment where I have one more instance of Jira running. Installation instructions for JIRA Subversion Plugin 0.10.3 on Atlassian web site are a little bit outdated. They have references to lib/javasvn-*.jar and lib/ganymed.jar files, but there are no such files in folder, there are svnkit-1.1.6.jar and trilead-ssh2-build211.jar instead. I tried to install these files, of course removing older version of files mentioned in release notes. One more step required for upgrade is deleting the Subversion index repository ($jira's_index_dir}/ plugins/atlassian-subversion-revisions. It sounds scary, but Jira Subversion Plugin will recreate it when its service starts. The last step is post release validation. I have a dummy project in Subversion and Jira, so I can not only test that all previous commit messages appear in Subversion Commits tab in Jira issue, but can create a few more issue and confirm appearance of commit messages.

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