Acquiring new skills

In upcoming weeks I would like to familiarize myself with Groovy, Jython and WLST. Last week I spent a few days trying to analyze and improve performance problems of applications deployed to Weblogic 9.2. During this exercise I actively used WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) to retrieve domain configuration and runtime information. Unfortunately it takes time to use WLST offline application without any scripting. The ultimate goal of getting familiar with Jython is to automate domain Weblogic 9.2 configuration tasks, control and manage the server life cycle. Right now build and release engineers mainly use Weblogic administration console and it is not always very convent, especially when build and release engineers have to repeat the same tasks again and again. I hope that using Jython scripts we can dramatically increase build and release engineers performance and reliable Jython scripts can speed up configuration tasks for Weblogic 9.2. In the same time I would look for another approach in automation WLST - Ant integration.

As for Groovy, I would try to build the custom component to allow release and build engineers to execute SQL scripts stored in Subversion as part of a standard application build. We achieved a huge progress in using LuntBuild - QuickBuild for smooth delivery of ASP, J2EE and recently Flex builds between different groups - development, QA, release management. Now it is time to automate database integration and the first tasks would an ability to restore databases from production to QA and development environments. As we analyzed DBA restore different databases from production environment a few time a day and often becomes bottleneck in development proccess.

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