Jenkins CI server optimization

Back in Janurary, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the creator of Jenkins, a continuous integration server, gave a very insightful webinar titled "Seven Ways to Optimize Jenkins CI" and discussed in the details a check list for production Jenkins deployments. The main content of that webinar is now available in a whitepaper

Jenkins Continuous Integration Server optimization hints:
  • Back up and restore - make sure you have backups and test you restore
  • Plan for disk usage growth up front - make sure it is expandable
  • Use native packages if possible - for easier installation and migration, use native packages if possible
  • Take advantage of Jenkins’ distributed builds - you will eventually outgrow the ability to run builds on just one machine
  • Use labels to optimize resource utilization and improve manageability
  • Make Jenkins URL short and memorable - it is hard to remember if Jenkins is referred to by IP address
  • Discard old build records to keep your Jenkins CI instance healthy - build records can accumulate quickly. Keeping too many around increases memory usage and impacts startup times.

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