Choosing between Jenkins and Hudson?

If you have to choose between Jenkins CI or Hudson CI, the numbers really speak for themselves.

Measurement Metric Jenkins CI server Hudson CI server
User upgrades since March 2011 85% 15%
Ticket activity since split 2,300 300
Average # of commits in plug-ins per week 280 16
GitHub repositories 603 10
GitHub watchers 833 135
GitHub members 117 9
User+Dev mailing list traffic per week 1,295 299
Dev mailing list subscribers 1,150 508
Dev mailing list growth since March 2011 +41% -7%
User mailing list subscribers 2,084 800
User mailing list growth since March 2011 +62% -8%
Twitter followers 4,826 593

Keep in mind that Jenkins is just continuing what they did when they where called Hudson. Lots and lots of releases with many minor updates. The Hudson, who has Oracle and Eclipse behind, is continue to focus on getting the Maven build story improved. Over time the changes may become so compelling that a switch to that could be relevant.

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