Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook book review

Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook book review should be started from the author introduction. Alan Berg is a senior developer at the Central Computer Services at the University of Amsterdam and the author of Sakai CLE Courseware Management: The Official Guide. His second book, Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook, contains 80 recipes to maintain, secure, communicate, test, build, and improve the software development life cycle with highly popular continuous integration server Jenkins. The book is targeted for software developers, software architects, build engineers and QA testers. At a very high and simplistic level the author describes common maintenance tasks followed by securing Jenkins and integration Jenkins CI with LDAP and SSO. The QA Testers will learn how to run Jenkins server to execute automatic functional and performance tests, while software developers will become familiar with most popular Jenkins plugins and would able to dive into custom Jenkins plugin development. The reader would discover source code metrics usage and the ways of effective communication with software developers and project managers about project status. Jenkins CI Cookbook will guide experienced software engineers through the complexities and help to build reliable software development life cycle by providing the quick answers to common problems.

Techical Book Details:

Title: Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook
Author: Alan Berg
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Pages: 334
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-84951-740-9 ; ISBN 10: 1849517401

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