How The Grinch Stole Amazon Christmas!

We would like to share more details with our customers about the event that occurred with the Amazon Elastic Load Balancing Service (“ELB”) earlier this week in the US-East Region. While the service disruption only affected applications using the ELB service (and only a fraction of the ELB load balancers were affected), the impacted load balancers saw significant impact for a prolonged period of time.

The service disruption began at 12:24 PM PST on December 24th when a portion of the ELB state data was logically deleted. This data is used and maintained by the ELB control plane to manage the configuration of the ELB load balancers in the region (for example tracking all the backend hosts to which traffic should be routed by each load balancer). The data was deleted by a maintenance process that was inadvertently run against the production ELB state data. This process was run by one of a very small number of developers who have access to this production environment. Unfortunately, the developer did not realize the mistake at the time. After this data was deleted, the ELB control plane began experiencing high latency and error rates for API calls to manage ELB load balancers. In this initial part of the service disruption, there was no impact to the request handling functionality of running ELB load balancers because the missing ELB state data was not integral to the basic operation of running load balancers.
Summary of the December 24, 2012 Amazon ELB Service Event in the US-East Region

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