Shopify Dashing not updating

I have started to work on dashboard for my team to display Pingdom, Jenkins and Jira metrics using Dashing by Shopify that could suite the Agile team needs. The initial setup on Apple MacBook Pro was a breeze, but I was able to see on localhost:3030/sample page the layout I expect, but none of the widgets have any data. I waited a a few minutes and eventually hit Ctrl+c to shutdown Dashing, and magically the data were updated and displayed. I tried Firefox on the same machine, but got the same result - nothing changes on the website, no data is shown just the headings. Same thing is happening to the demo page set up by Shopify. The Chrome Developer Tools shows the /events resource as "pending" and it seems to hang on this indefinitely without receiving any data. Surprisingly the demo page worked fine on Windows 7 machine with Google Chrome 35.0.1916.153, but Google Chrome and Firefox on Mac displayed no data.

After digging around I have found that the issue is with a Ruby web server - Thin. As soon as I tried another web server WEBrick instead of Thin everything started to work on my Apple MacBook Pro, but of course I’m not able to restart hanging with WEBrick.

To make Dashing working I run this

rackup -p 3030 -s webrick

instead of

dashing start

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