[SOLVED] No readable photos, videos, or folders found - Windows 10 - Photos App

I tried today Windows 10 Photos App as a replacement for Google's Picasa and immediate stumbled upon the following error: Windows 10, Photos app, No readable photos, videos, or folders found. I've run Windows app troubleshooter and no change Photos app still says no readable content when there are clearly pictures and videos in the folder.

No readable photos, videos, or folders found, Windows 10, Photo App

Luckily for me I found one folder that showed up the content in Windows 10 Photo app and after comparing the folder permission I noticed that The Photos app on Windows 10 uses the System account to access the folders!

So in order to fix No readable photos, videos, or folders found error grant the user at least read access to your folder and files will show.

Right click the folder, select Properties. Select the Security tab, click on the Add... button, type SYSTEM into the Enter the object names to select (examples): box, and click OK. Then click Apply or OK on the Permissions for [folder name] box, and OK on the [folder name] Properties box. Set your folder how you normally would in the app and enjoy the album updates.

I think it is a poor design choice, by Microsoft but at least it works for me.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your help with resolving this error

Anonymous said...

Worked perfectly for me! Thanks a lot been struggling with this issue for months and months. Didn't see this on any Microsoft Blog or Troubleshooting guide. Jokers!