Atom vs Sublime Text va Visual Studio Code Performance Test

I have been working with Sublime Text for around 3 years, and as a DevOps Engineer have no issues with it. I tried GitHub's Atom one or two year ago and I was pleasantly impressed by its active community. The reason I sticked with Sublime Text was performance - Atom was slow, even after when Atom 1.0 was released.

These days, I searched "Sublime Text vs Atom", trying to see if Atom has significant improvement when I found Microsoft's Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio is also built using Web Technology like Atom, but a lot of reviewers said it is faster than anything else. So I tested and found out their performance difference today.

Atom and Visual Studio Code still perform significantly worse compared to Sublime Text, for example launching and Opening windows are seconds slower which it is noticeable and they occupied much more RAM.

Visual Studio Code has a big advantages over Atom in opening files and RAM usage. It could handle larger files and handle it faster than Atom. When I tested the 2.6MB file, Visual Studio Code opened the file within one second while Atom took more than two seconds.

Sublime Text is still the speedy king, Visual Studio Code second and Atom is the last.

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